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RTL6040: Sustainability in the Apparel and Retail Industry O21 32469


1. Discussion posts are typically focused on your experiences or perceptions and thus are graded on the thoughtfulness and completeness of your responses to the prompts. You will not see your classmates’ posts until you post your own original comment. When you respond to your classmates, be sure to address the response prompt associated with the initial post.

Initial Post: Choose one chapter (not the Introduction) of Cradle to Cradle. In 100-150 of your own words, summarize the chapter for your classmates. At the end, pose one open-ended discussion question relating to the content in the chapter you chose.

Remember, open-ended means cannot be answered with one word, so no yes/no, either/or, or simple-fact questions. An open-ended question could include “What do you think about…” or “How could a fashion company respond to…”

Responses to 2 classmates: Provide a thoughtful answer to the question your classmate has posed. Your answer should be 50-100 words.

2. Smart Material Choices

The concept of circular design encourages us to rethink how we make products. For this assignment, choose an apparel item and really consider the materials that go into it. Submit your assignment as an attached Word or PDF file.

3.Comparison Project

For this project, you’ll be comparing the sustainability practices of two apparel companies, one that’s a member of the Sustainable Apparel coalition and one that isn’t.

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