Rubric: Topic of Interest:Topic of interest and area of study clearly described

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Rubric:Topic of Interest:Topic of interest and area of study clearly described; significance of the problem addressed.Sources & Sources Quality:Six or more peer-reviewed articles are reviewed related to the topic of interest. Source selection criteria clear and defensible.Organization:Multiple levels of headings used to organize studies. Multiple perspectives presented logically and clearly. Transitions tie sections together, as well as adjacent paragraphs. Promoting ease in reading.Synthesis and Summary:Summarizes and shows insightful synthesis of the literature information, including analysis of gaps in and/or limitations of the research.APA Style:Contains no spelling or grammatical errors, scholarly tones used, full citations for all sources mentioned, all listed references used in the review, references, title page, and main body follows APA 7th style, smooth transitions.**Please find and use 6 sources. I need a total of 6 sources, i provided 2 research articles please find the other 4. Also, use the articles provided, they’re attached down below. These sources must be peer-reviewed research articles(whether its a qualitative or quantitiative study!! NO PLAGIARISM! Use APA 7th edition. I recommend finding the research articles using Google scholar. The topic is the management of pediatric pain.**Research articles generally consist of the following components: a title and abstract, an introduction, a methodology, results, discussion, and references. **Directions: For this assignment you are to review the literature related to a topic of interest. From your readings you will understand that a literature review is a written summary of the state of evidence on a research problemWith this assignment you are working to identify several articles (six) to sum up what is known and what is unknown related to your topic.**THE TOPIC IS MANAGEMENT OF PEDIATRIC PAIN**Prevention and treatment of pain in pediatric patients compared with adults is often not only inadequate but also less often implemented the younger the children are.**The research articles must be no more than 5 years old so 2017-2022!! Thank you!

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Rubric: Topic of Interest:Topic of interest and area of study clearly described

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