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San Diego State University Nursing Asthma Annotated Bibliography


Start by finding 5 evidence-based, peer reviewed sources, published within the last 5 years, pertaining to your research topic. Sources may include:

  • 1-2 textbooks or encyclopedic type books
  • 1-2 reliable websites or electronic resources (other than published medical journals or articles)
  • Published medical journal or articles (most of your research should come from scientific medical journals and articles)

Summary of Information and Relevance to Topic

Arrange the references in alphabetical order. Then create annotations for your reference list . Make sure to include the following in your annotations:

  • 1 sentence explaining how you found your source. What keywords and search terms were useful?  Where did you search for your source (Google search engine, GC Library, etc.)? Why?
  • 1 sentence evaluating the author(s) and publisher. Who is the author or publisher? What are his/her credentials as an expert on this subject? Are they affiliated with a university or college? If you’re having trouble finding the information, try a web search for your author to find out more about them. 
  • 1-3 sentences summarizing the content of the resource. What was the source about? What were the main points? This will help prepare you to write your topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph of the paper.
  • 1 sentence stating the relevance of the resource to your research. How will you use it in your paper? This will help you figure out if this is a good source for your paper or if you already have the necessary information on the topic.
  • research paper is about asthma 

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