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San Jose State University Persuasive Message Letter Analysis


write two separate messages based on the instructions below.

MESSAGE #1: Persuasive message

Situation: On 4/28, President Mary Papazian announced that SJSU will be “repopulating” the campus (Links to an external site.) in fall 2021, with the possibility of all CSUs requiring proof of vaccine for in-person classes. Fully online and hybrid courses will be offered, and “50-75 percent of courses in the fall will contain some element of in-person instruction.”

Audience: SJSU’s Office of Institutional Research (Links to an external site.)is soliciting qualitative student feedback on this transition to fall. You will address your message to: institutional-research@sjsu.edu

Purpose: Compose a 2-paragraph message introducing yourself and share 1-2 suggestions on how to best support students in this transition to fall. Your message can address any aspect of this transition — from safety, policies, to individual concerns. Even if you are a graduating senior, you can offer some insight from a student’s perspective. Consider your audience and their purpose for collecting student feedback. Format your message as an email with To: From + Subject: lines.

MESSAGE #2: Analysis and response

Read this letter sent last semester from SJSU’s Associated Students (Links to an external site.)(student representatives, specifically from the Academic Affairs Committee): Regarding the Usage of Online Proctoring Services

Analyze the letter (writing style + content). Next, compose a 2-paragraph message to your Instructor Effie Chiu addressing these points:

As a student who’s likely experienced online proctoring, what did you think of the issues brought up?

How does the letter target its audience and achieve its purpose effectively? Is there anything that could be improved upon? (Give specific examples from the letter + explain.)

Reference at least one idea or point from your Bovée and Thill text as support.

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