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The Sashelp.Thick data set simulates measurements of coal seam thickness (in feet) taken over an
approximately square area. The variable Thick contains the thickness values. The coordinates are
offsets from a point in the southwest corner of the measurement area, where the unit for the north and
east distances is 1,000 feet.

(a) The data set MoreCoal.txt is a space delimited data set containing 25 more simulated coal seam
thickness measurements. Load this data set into SAS. Create a new SAS data set called ‘Coal’
by stacking the Sashelp.Thick data set onto the data set you create using MoreCoal.txt.

(b) In the Coal data set, create a new variable called ‘OriginDistance’ that is the distance (in 1,000
feet) of the coal seam thickness’s measurement location from the southwest corner of the measurement
area (i.e., where East = 0 and North = 0). To do this, use the formula for calculating
distance in a plane. Let the east variable represent the x-axis and the north variable represent
the y-axis.

(c) Sort the Coal data set by the OriginDistance variable in ascending order. Print the sorted Coal
data set and report the output.

(d) Use subsetting to create a data set consisting only of observations with coal seam thickness greater
than 42. Print the resulting data set and report the output.

I have attached the .txt file. let me know if you have any question.

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