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Scenario 4. Obesity and Schools You are a member of the school board for an inne



Scenario 4. Obesity and SchoolsYou are a member of the school board for an inner city middle school. You’ve heard your daughter and other girls talking about how obese some of the students are getting. The school barely offers gym classes and everywhere you look there are vending machines. You want to make an impact, but you don’t know where to start. You want to gather evidence about the cost and efficacy of other programs in order to prepare for a meeting with the principal and superintendent. Your goal is to implement a similar program in your own school district. You have unlimited funding and resources. What is your approach?IntroductionGeneral introduction and description of the public health topic.Include relevant statistics.Include a description of the target population.Program OverviewDescribe the goals of your proposed program. You must select at least one goal for your proposed program plan.Description of the program components (e.g., description of lesson topics, workshops, etc.); essentially, you will describe the aspects of your plan. How will your target population receive the proposed plan?Implementation Setting- Describe the setting in which your program will be implemented.CompetenciesList the 4 competencies that will guide the development of your program plan.C7: Assess population needs, assets and capacities that affect communities’ healthC8: Apply awareness of cultural values and practices to the design or implementation of public health policies or programsC9: Design a population-based policy, program, project or interventionC10: Explain basic principles and tools of budget and resource managementDescribe how you will demonstrate those competencies in the development of your program plan.Theoretical FrameworkBrief description of the public health theory that will guide the development of your program plan.MethodsBrief description of the quantitative and/or qualitative methods that will be used and the benefits of using these methods. (e.g., will you use a survey, conduct interviews or focus groups, etc. to assess the effectiveness of your program?).Dissemination PlanHow you will disseminate the findings of your proposed program plan to community stakeholders

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