Scenario TF is an 18-month-old boy who was admitted to your hospital for failure

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ScenarioTF is an 18-month-old boy who was admitted to your hospitalfor failure to thrive and losing 6 lbs.You have found that he has extreme blockage throughout his GI systemwith severe impaction throughout. He isin a great deal of pain and is screaming.His parents are adamant that they do not want treatments due toreligious beliefs. They have stated thatthe boy’s grandfather, an elder in their church, is on his way to pray over theboy and heal him.Instructios.What type of drug should you prescribe based on yourpatient’s diagnosis? How much of the drug should the patient receive? How oftenshould the drug be administered? When should the drug not be prescribed? Arethere individual patient factors that could create complications when takingthe drug? Should you be prescribing drugs to this patient? How might differentstate regulations affect the prescribing of this drug to this patient?These are some ofthe questions you might consider when selecting a treatment plan for a patient.As an advanced practice nurse prescribing drugs, you areheld accountable for people’s lives every day. Patients and their families willoften place trust in you because of your position. With this trust comes powerand responsibility, as well as an ethical and legal obligation to “do no harm.”It is important that you are aware of current professional, legal, and ethicalstandards for advanced practice nurses with prescriptive authority.Additionally, it is important to ensure that the treatment plans andadministration/prescribing of drugs is in accordance with the regulations ofthe state in which you practice. Understanding how these regulations may affectthe prescribing of certain drugs in different states may have a significantimpact on your patient’s treatment plan. In this Assignment, you exploreethical and legal implications of scenarios and consider how to appropriatelyrespond.To PrepareReview the Resources for this module and consider the legaland ethical implications of prescribing prescription drugs, disclosure, andnondisclosure.Review the scenario assigned by your Instructor for thisAssignment.Search specific laws and standards for prescribingprescription drugs and for addressing medication errors for your state orregion, and reflect on these as you review the scenario assigned by yourInstructor.Consider the ethical and legal implications of the scenariofor all stakeholders involved, such as the prescriber, pharmacist, patient, andpatient’s family.Think about two strategies that you, as an advanced practicenurse, would use to guide your ethically and legally responsibledecision-making in this scenario, including whether you would disclose anymedication errors.

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Scenario TF is an 18-month-old boy who was admitted to your hospital for failure

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