SDSU Create a Tax Memo Report


Learning Goal: I’m working on a accounting report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

You are tasked to research a tax issue(s)/problem(s) and then draft a tax memo in the required format.


I blind mark the tax memo so please
only include your RED ID for the author of the memo. If you really want
to use a name then please use “Jane Smith” irrespective of whether you
are male or female. Please ensure you use the tax reasearch database,
CCH AnswerConnect to help you research the issue(s) to be addressed in
the tax memo. Please look at the examples for the correct format for a
tax memo.

I will upload the overview and what how it will be
graded. Please ensure you have looked at the rubric to ensure you
understand how the tax memo will be evaluated.

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