Seminar Paper 1: Summary


Hi class. Seminar paper 1 should include three well-developed paragraphs:

A summary of Richard Rodriguez’ “Scholarship Boy;”

A summary of Gerald Graff’s “Disliking Books;”

And a paragraph where you reflect or respond to these texts.

When referring to the author in the first sentence of each (one paragraph) summary, use one of the following templates of signal phrases: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

__________, author of “__________,” describes/explores/talks about __________.


According to __________, author of “__________,” “__________.”

Develop each summary by identifying main ideas, including major details, and by providing short quotations from each text.

Please note the MLA formatting style in the sample seminar-as well as the sample MLA paper I provided under the “Files” tab by aligning the following information to the left and at the top of the first page:

Develop your response paragraph by sharing your own thoughts, connecting your own experiences or observations, or things you have read in the news. You can find the sample seminar paper under the “Files” tab to the left.

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