service oriented architecture


Problem 1: A Simple Integration Problem

First review Chapter1 (Section 1.3) and Chapter2 (Section 2.2) and then consider a small business that sells clothes to a large retailer such as Macy. By using the Frank Furniture Store example in chapter 1, develop a sketch of integrated architecture for your company. Specifically, answer the following questions.

  • What will be the enterprise architecture of your business. Just show a diagram.
  • What will be the integration issues (list 3 to 4) that your company has to deal with
  • What role will the basic web technologies (e.g., web browser, web server, web gateway, HTML, and HTTP)play in this case. Explain through a simple diagram.
  • Show a simple example of a purchase order (as an XML document) sent from the buyer to the seller and the shipping statement, also in XML. The XML documents can be very simple (around 5 elements).
  • By using the material in Chapter 2, select whichenterprise architecture framework will you choose for this company and why (2-3 lines)
  • Briefly discuss, 3-4 lines, how will you make your small business smart.

Suggestion: Please reviewChapter1 and the Chapter2 slides before attempting this problem.

Problem 2:Web and XML Review

  • By surfing the Web, find 10 different variants of XML (e.g., VoiceXML). For each, give a one-line description of where it is being used.
  • Develop XML representation of who you are, what is your assignment (one line), your academic background, what courses you have taken at HU so far , what five courses are you planning to take at HU, where are you living right now in USA, and your family (how many brothers, sisters, etc). This document should have about 10 elements and not more than 30 statements.
  • Create a DTD for this XML document (define some optional and required features) and validate the XML document through this DTD. Please note that we will validate your XML and DTD files.

Suggestion: Visit the www.w3schools.comfor short tutorials on web and XML technologies

  • Review Chapter 6 of the text on Web Technologies and XML

Problem3: Learning about a Smart Community and SDG Advisor

In this course, each team will develop a Smart Center or a Smart Hub that provides location specific services and work with each otherfor a broader impact (see Project1 for more details). To develop a better understanding of this topic, please surf the web for smart towns and communities. Also please visit a “Smart Community” prototype at that has some basic elements of such a community and then invoke the SDG Advisor and answer the following questions:

  • What are SDGs and select an SDG that is of most interest to you.
  • What are the 3 basic steps of the SDG Advisor and what do they do (one line per step)
  • How did you use the SDG Advisor (what SDG and for what country), please specify your login-ID used to invoke this tool
  • Does SDG Advisor help you make smart decisions?

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