Shakespeare plays.


The deadline for this assignment is midnight on August 23 . No exceptions.

With the topic that you proposed and I accepted, submit a 7-8 page paper plus a bibliography that contains 3-4 sources. The paper must be 12 point, Times New Roman font and double spaced with standard margins in a Word Document.

Your paper should be structured as follows:

a) Introduction with a thesis (1 full page, see my podcast on writing intros for guidance)

b) 2-3 page summary of your research – use indirect quotations as much as possible. I suggest that you find 2-3 common or contrasting points about your research and discuss them. Be sure to keep your voice as a writer when presenting them.

c) 3-4 pages in which you develop your thesis – please note that it does not HAVE to be an argumentative paper, though you should present both sides should you decide to do so.

d) Conclusion in which you recommend another topic of interest.

e) Bibliography (This does not count as one of your pages.) using MLA style

I look forward to reading your paper

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