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Short Critical Writing Assignments based on readings and films: During the Semes



Short Critical Writing Assignments based on readings and films: During the Semester six 2-page assignments are due based on your readings. You should provide an analysis of how these readings increase your understanding of racism, white supremacy, and social injustice, and the affect they have had on those who have been on the receiving end of oppression. You are also to discuss how this social arrangement have affected white people as well. You must determine if the effects are different or the same, and Robin DiAngelo in particular, help answer this question for you. You also use your Higginbotham and Andersen and Bonilla-Silva texts to complete this assignment in addition to DiAngelo. You can also provide constructive criticism when possible. Developing an analytical question should help guide your thought process. This should help with your mastery of the material, in addition to preparing you for exams. The best papers incorporate at least 2 readings from either text in a coherent and related way, showing me that you have thought about, and understand in a critical and analytical way, what you have read in relationship to the social structure and its impact on society. Each critical response should have, and will be graded based on the following criteria.A clear, concise thesis statement responding to the topic and introduction mapping out your essayA brief overview of the topicDo you agree with the perspective presented? If you do not agree, find evidence (facts), to support your stance. Do not rely on your opinions or what you think. Does the reading help you understand some aspect of society? What evidence exists which supports and/or challenges the perspective? How does the theory/reading/lecture relate to you? Apply concepts and/or theories from the readings in the course.Clear organization and good use of grammar.You should incorporate at least 2 readings in your critical response analysis to get full credit. The readings should come from the week that you are turning in your written responses. You can also use films, but they cannot be a substitute for the 3 readings.

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