Short Essay Prompt


Please answer one (1) essay prompt from the four (4) essay prompts listed below. Please make sure the essay is a minimum of eight (8) sentences.

  1. In addition to musicals being adapted for film, some very popular contemporary musicals have been based on movies — The Producers, Legally Blonde and The Lion King, for example. Have you seen a film that would transfer well to the live musical form? Identify the film and why you think this would be true.
  2. Imagine that you run a theater and want to put on a play or musical that will make a lot of money. What three (3) pieces of information would you need to know about your audience in order to decide what play to produce that will make a lot of money? How would this information affect your decision?
  3. Many times, playwrights use historical events as the basis for their plays. What events from history—recent and more distant— do you think might be used as subject matter for writing a play? Why are these events suitable? Discuss how the playwright’s personal viewpoint might affect the way they present the story.
  4. While theatre is created by many different people, the director is the center of those collaborators. What are the responsibilities of a director? Cite three specific examples.

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