Short Film Project


produce a short, five-minute film with some connection to the class subject matter: specifically, satirical films. This project is as much about increasing your awareness and appreciation of the work that goes into planning and creating a movie as it is about your technical ability to complete it, so don’t feel like you’re expected to be expert filmmakers, or for that matter, expert satirists. Have fun with it!


Initial Concept Statement (April 11)

Submit a short paragraph that explains your concept for the film. What is the target of your satire, how do you plan to satirize that target, what corrective (if any) are you offering, and anything else you think I need to know about your concept.

Storyboard (April 18)

Submit a storyboard showing your shot plan.

Shot List (April 25)

Submit a shot list/plan that outlines, shot-by-shot, your film.

Final Film (May 2)

Upload your film to YouTube and send me the URL. We’ll watch them in class on May 3.

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