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Short Ride in a Fast Machine, El Salon Mexico & Firebird Suite Concert Report


watch all 5 videos which will not take more than an hour from your time (uploaded for you). then,

After attending each event in its entirety, the student will submit to the instructor a formal written review of the concert. the report should include a title that clearly identifies it as the first, second, or third (or another) report and as an instrumental or vocal/choral event. The report should be in the student’s best prose and should include:

– A brief basic description about the event attended (what? who? when? where? etc.)

– A description of at least three of the performed pieces or sections (including the first and last when applicable); and

– The student’s impressions of the pieces performed, the concert as a whole, the atmosphere of the event, etc., attempting to focus on describing the music.

Please also make an effort to use vocabulary that we have covered in this course as it pertains to melody, harmony, dynamics, tempo, etc. to describe what you heard.

The body of the report should be no less than 750 words in length (not including headers, name, etc.) While this is not officially a ‘writing class’, please be sure to write in a ‘formal’ style. Assignments are typically more successful when papers follow a format that includes introductory and concluding paragraphs and a paragraph or two about each piece that you chose. Please avoid the use of the first person (for example “I thought” or “I liked” unless you are making specific comments about the piece).

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