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Simple Business Administration Assignment


Task # 1

Assume that Bank GCC is one of the largest banks in the Middle East region. It is operational since 2008 providing services to its customers round the clock. It offers many financial services including savings, deposits, loans, credit cards etc. It has a large customer base of around 1.5 million. One of the key requirements of the Bank GCC is availability of data.

a) Consider you are working as a Database Administrator for Bank GCC, discuss any five possible causes of data unavailability.

Note: Your solution must include valid examples and should not exceed 3 pages.

b) The web link to the following research paper is given in next link page:


Shelar, M., Sane, S., Kharat, V., Database Management Challenges in Cloud Environment, International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research, 2016. After critical analysis of the given research paper, discuss the various database management challenges in cloud environment and the proposed techniques to overcome them.

Note: The solution must be given in your own words with relevant examples not exceeding 2 pages. The given research paper is for your reference only and your answer should not be limited to this research paper only. You may refer various other resources and provided references for the same.

Task # 2

a) As part of providing data security for Bank GCC database, demonstrate practically the steps involved in user level data backup and recovery.

You must create a user as your first name (e.g. Ahmed), provide appropriate privileges for creating table(s) and insert records.

Your solution must include brief explanation of all the parameters and SQL commands and screenshots showing the steps.

b) Create three database users assign the privileges as given below:

Assign the privilege to the three users so that they can connect to the database.

User1 should be able to create any table (e.g. table1) in the database and insert records into it. User1 should be allocated at least 5MB space in the Users tablespace.

User2 should be able to insert records in the table created by User1 (i.e. table1).

User3 should be only able to the view the records from the table created by User1 (i.e. table1).

Both User1 and User2 should not be able to insert records on weekend holiday i.e. Friday.

Note: Your solution must include the necessary SQL commands (as screenshots only) with brief explanation for each of the SQL commands. User name should be based on your first name (e.g. Ahmed1, Ahmed2, and Ahmed3).

general instructions :

* please make sure no copy past and plagiarism, i want to not less than 7 pages.

* to solve task 2 you need to use oracle software

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