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Small presentation. I will send the options later.


Once upon a time, a man ate a bad batch of cinnamon toast for lunch. This one action began the spread of a deadly disease, with a high contagion rate – the Cinnamon Toast Virus. Slowly this virus dispersed throughout the world, requiring quick decisions to be made at the regional, country and state level. You have just found out that in the Kellogg North America Region, there was a government mandate stating that all plant employees must wear masks while at work. The mandate is set to be enforced beginning on Monday, today is Thursday. The expectation is that this mandate will last at least 6 months, but there is a strong possibility that there will be governmental recommendations to continue wearing face coverings for up to 18 additional months. Plan that you will need to have a mask supply for 2 years.

The rule states that plants are not allowed to operate if workers are not wearing face coverings, knowing this risk, you must decide on an action and present it to the Board of Directors. With only 3 days to make a decision, what will you do?

There are some things you know up front, First, Kellogg’s has 30 plants within North America that you need to supply for. Within each plant, there are 250 employees. Second, there are four options of masks that you will need to do a costbenefit analysis on. Third, we ask that you work to have an efficient amount of supply on hand, should this ever happen again. Lastly, shutting down a plant is costly, each plant that shuts down due to minimal masks will cost Kellogg’s $100,000 per day. While the safety of Kellogg’s employees is the top priority, the company’s commitments to sustainability is equally as important.

Your mission, as Kellogg’s MRO Leader is to explore each of the following options and make sure we can provide high quality masks to our employees working during these strenuous circumstances. We want to make sure we prioritize our workers’ safety, while also making a smart investment for our company. You will be presenting to the Kellogg’s Board of Directors, so make sure your solution is viable in both the short and long-term in terms of sustainability and safety. Explain the decision you made and why it is the best course of action given the 4 options.


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