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SMC Social Impacts of Television and Film Analysis


Using Gabler’s essay as a framework, discuss a television series that is a “wish fulfillment” and contrast it with one that is, in your opinion, more “realistic” (For example, This is Us vs. Shameless; Jane the Virgin vs. Vida; On My Block vs. Gentified; Squid Game vs. Downton Abbey). What insights about cultural mythology can you draw from these differences? Use general summaries of the shows, specific examples of scenes and/or episodes and dialogue, and quotes/paraphrase from at least three outside sources (could be essays from our book or credible online sources like Vox, The Atlantic, The New York Times–particularly articles by A.O. Scott) to support and illustrate.

Essay should be 5-6 double-spaced pages in MLA format and a Works Cited page. You must use at least one quote from at least three different outside sources (could be essays from our book).

*Should have a title that states topic and hints at thesis.

*Introduction should begin with 3-5 sentences introducing the topic of how television and film reflect and/or distort social reality.

*A thesis statement should end the introduction making an analytical argument—that is detailed, developed, and dynamic—about the particular shows or films you will be discussing.

*Body paragraphs should begin with clearly articulated topic sentences that develop individual points helping to support your overall thesis.

*Evidence should describe the shows/films and be connected to quotes, paraphrase, and/or summary from outside sources (could be essays from the book).

*Conclusion should bring these individual points back to the overall thesis and make it clear what the implications are between the differences you pointed out in the shows or films.

Essays should follow MLA style and format (see Hacker or look it up online): typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins all around.

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