Socail Media Strategy


Over the course of the semester you have had the opportunity to explore your client’s strategic goals and create elements of a social media campaign. The purpose of this project is to synthesize through a complete social media strategy and campaign that you design for your client.

This foundation should lead logically and persuasively to your proposed use of social media as one component of the client’s communication plan.

The company that I chose: Off_White

Off-white clothing brand operates mostly on social media, and this is where all the advertisements are done, and orders of commodities are also done here. The most ignored and most important objective of the brand using the Instagram platform is giving responses to customers’ inquiries; this inquiry includes asking for prices for specific commodities when a customer is interested in a particular item.

Thus, this paper should include the following:

1. Brand Identity

2. Target Audience

3. Campaign proposal: Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

4. Editorial and Social Calendars – They should include at least 10 entries – it could be 3 week.

5. Metrics – included for all stated objectives. Metrics chosen are appropriate for the client and the campaign. Justification clearly explains the connection between campaign outcomes and overall strategy.

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