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Social Media and Mobile Evaluation and Strategy Powerpoint


Marketing, specifically in the online space, is in constant flux. How could any of the tools and practices we’ve learned thus far be used to be more innovative with online marketing?

Evaluate a company’s web, social, and mobile marketing presence. For this assignment, you should select a well-known company. Select a company that has a website and uses multiple social media channels. Address each of the following in a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. Note that each bullet point should be its own slide.

  • List all of the social sites of the small business.
  • What is your opinion on their website? Is there anything innovative about it?
  • Visit their website using a mobile device. How mobile-friendly is the website? Do they have a mobile App?
  • What are the messages and/or themes on the website and social media pages? How consistent are the messages/themes across the web and social sites?
  • How easy is it to order their products/services through web, mobile, and social sites? How easy is it to contact someone with the company? Is Live Chat or a Contact Form available?
  • What about the company’s web, mobile, and social presence supports or encourages successful innovation within the organization? What innovations would you suggest to improve their web, social, and mobile strategies?
  • What relevant KPI’s would you recommend for tracking social and mobile success?
  • Discuss why it is so important for innovators and entrepreneurs to focus heavily on digital marketing

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