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Speech 2 Outline in APA format with in-text and verbal citations


I have the essay and the powerpoint already done, I just need them to be edited, written in APA format and add the verbal and in-text citations.

These are some sample that were given to us.



This is the sample powerpoint


. Remember that verbal and in-text citations are needed for the outline and PowerPoint,

PowerPoint: Please edit your PowerPoint slides to reduce the text on the slides and make your PowerPoint more visually appealing. Remember your PowerPoint should be visually appealing, the document should look polished and professional.

APA Format: Remember that you need to submit your outline and PowerPoint in APA format. Remember to include verbal and in-text citations for your outline and PowerPoint. Please remember: Every sentence that is not your idea should include a citation. The first time you cite a source please use the verbal citation in your outline (this becomes an oral citation when you deliver your speech.

Verbal Citations: Outline and PowerPoint: The first time a source is used.

Why you need verbal citations tell the audience:

1. How current the information is?

2. Where the information can be found

3. Why a source of information is credible?

4. What information was provided by the source?

Sample verbal Citation:

In the communication textbook, Understanding Human Communication written by Adler, Rodman and DuPré (2017) culture is described as a set of customs, beliefs and traditions shared by a group of people.

In-text Citations: After using the verbal citation for each source.

1. Use the in-text citation.

2. Smith (2016) or (Smith, 2016) for every idea that comes from that source.

References: Please cite your references in APA format. Remember that links to websites are not references.

Sample Reference

Adler, R. B., Rodman, G. R., & Du Pré, A. (2016). Understanding human communication (Vol. 13). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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