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Spiegelman, Art. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale. @ Vols.


Write a single, extended paragraph (10-15 sentences) analyzing some specific aspect of the text you have chosen. Remember: you are writing for an uninformed audience, not for your instructors! Assume that your audience only has general knowledge (i.e. a 7th grader’s knowledge) of the events and texts to which you are referring.

  1. Compose a clear topic sentence that identifies a problem.
  2. Provide appropriate information about the context.
  3. Focus on a particular text through which to explore this problem.
  4. Consider explaining the disciplinary, methodological, or theoretical framework through which you will study the problem.
  5. Identify the narrative, the genre, and the author.
  6. Offer evidence—typically four discreet pieces of data­—from the source and analyze that evidence for your uninformed reader. Each interpretation needs evidence and vice versa.
  7. Your analysis in the body of the paragraph should lead logically to an overarching interpretation by the end of the paragraph.
  8. Use MLA-style in-text references with page numbers in parentheses as needed.
  9. Make sure you double space!

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