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OKay have the new 5 questions.

And this is related to the same assignment, so write a response to buyer’s objections for each.

You will need to write a response to 5 buyer objections. Your responses to these objections:

1. You are convinced that the product is unhealthy. You believe it has too much salt and artificial preservatives

2. You are willing to switch but would like a 75” Samsung QLED TV as a gift for giving Hormel the business. In fact, you would like 3 of them for the café. Well, 2 for the café, but one for you to put up at home.

3. You are willing to go with the Always Tender product but want a written guarantee of exclusivity. You do not want anyone else in a 15-mile radius using the product.

4.You feel that Sysco is charging too much for all of their services. You are considering switching to Martin Brothers Food Services.

5. You just do not know how to prepare creative, fanciful and profitable dishes with pork. It is not a protein that you have much experience using.

I need it in 30 mins if you cannot do it let me know now

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