Stage Manager’s Kit


You have just been hired as a new stage manager and discovered that your parents sold the stage manager kit you created in college at a garage sale when they wanted to turn your bedroom in to an Airbnb. Fortunately, you have ten things from you kit left in the trunk of your car (you choose) to start rebuilding from…

Create a new (virtual) stage manager kit. You have a budget of $500 in the form of an Amazon gift card.

  1. Identify the 10 items that were in the trunk of your car.
  2. Go shopping, fill your kit, spend the gift card.
    • Spend up to $500.
    • You must buy a new container for your kit.
    • Don’t buy a new computer.
  3. Create a master list of what is in your kit.
    • Use the template in the link below.
    • Name the file using the following convention: FileName_LastName_Date.xls so it looks like this: SMKit_Dougherty_20210131.xls

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