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Hi there need help on an assignment that has excel work. there are two questions, problem 2 has excel work, I already put it into this thread which you can access. This needs to be done on excel then copied onto a pdf form. No handwritten assignment all needs to be done by excel please.

This is the one with excel->. 2. The following data represents the distance traveled in the 3rd quarter by each driver of a package delivery company. (i.e. the population)

Driver Distance

A 5042

B 3845

C 4672

D. 6301

E 2943

a. Determine the number of different samples of size 3 can be drawn?

b. Compute the mean of each sample of size 3, based on the samples found in the file “Vol 1 Ch 4 problem data.xlsm”, tab 4.2.

c. Compute the mean and population standard deviation of the sample means.

d. Compute the mean and standard deviation of the population.

e. Compare the results obtained in parts c and d.

6. The average electric cost for mid-size manufacturing companies operating in the western United States is $0.10 / KWHr, with a standard deviation of $0.03 / KWHr. A sample of 35 companies are surveyed. What is the likelihood that the sample mean is less than $0.09?

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