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stats- histograms, hypothesis test, confidnence interval.



  For this problem, a police officer conducts 10 traffic stops per day Monday thru Wednesday, for a total of 30 traffic stops. This was done in order to collect data and help prove his hypothesis that more than 50% of people wear their seatbelts. Each stop only had one occupant in the vehicle. Stops 6, 7, 8, and 9 on Monday resulted in four people not wearing their seatbelts. On Tuesday, stops 4 and 9 occupants were not wearing seatbelts for a total of two people. On Wednesday, Stops 1, 7 and 8 were not wearing seatbelts for a total of three people that were unbelted. This means that 9 out of 30 people were not wearing seatbelts.

  1. Using the calculator or Excel(mega stat) calculate the Descriptive Statistics indicating the values of central tendency, dispersion, the 5 number summary data and the Empirical Rule percentages. Find the range rule of thumb and compare to the Empirical rule percentage

  2. Sketch a histogram and a box plot of your data.  Analyze your results comparing the central tendencies and the dispersion values to the graphs.  Locate the CT’s on the histogram.  Find the coefficient of skewness. Or if your project involves comparing two sets of data, sketch the scatter plots needed to show the correlation.

  3. Find the Margin of error and the 95% confidence interval and state the confidence interval conclusion. 

  4. Choose a claim regarding your data and complete a hypothesis t test or z test for your study.  Indicate the following information: state the null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis calculate the critical value, find the test statistic t or the p-value and whether to reject or not reject the null hypothesis.  Draw the normal curve indicating the reject and do not reject regions and values. State your hypothesis conclusion .

Write a conclusion of the hypothesis, do more than 50% of all people wear their seatbelts

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