Study Guide to be completed.


I need to finish the study guides for part1-part3. I don’t need assignment 2, 3, or 5 completed; but I need assignments 6, 7, & 8 completed. I can send you pictures of the study guide too. So basically the assignments I need completed are:

One, Four,Six, Seven, Eight,& Nine

On the study guides:

It doesn’t matter, as long as it answers the question. As long as I have the correct answer, I can make the response seem longer I just don’t have time to read the book and find the answers. 



On assignments 6,8,9:

6. It needs to answer both questions and at least be 7-10 lines long (if it were on notebook paper). I don’t need illustrations supporting it though. 

8. Needs to adequately answer both questions and be at least 13-20 lines(if it were on notebook paper).

9. Needs to be at least half a page (if it were on notebook paper). Satirical devices need to be used, it needs to have a clear point, and correct grammar. 

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