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Sub-Culture Presentation (Amish)……. (Introduction, Answer the five questions attached below​, conclusion)


This Presentation should include: introduction, Answer the five questions attached below, conclusion

The goal for this assignment is to analyze and describe a sub-culture based on the observable characteristics that signify membership in that group. Visual aids are required – since we are analyzing observable behaviors there should be lots of “pictures” supporting your claims.Investigate the following questions and be as specific as you can in the answers.

1. What behaviors are appropriate for the initial face-to-face meetings with individuals from this culture? Consider greeting rituals and norms for introductions.

2. What are the cultural value orientations for this culture?

3. What are the verbal communication norms for this culture? (Consider turn-taking, organizing and expressing ideas, amount of talking by different members, and conversational topics preferred and/or avoided.)

4. What are some of the nonverbal communication norms for this culture? (Consider kinesics, proxemics, haptics, chronemics, color, and vocalics.)

5. What are the relational communication norms? (e.g., self-disclosure, conversational expectations, norms for managing conflict, and persuasive styles.)

Teach us about this sub-culture. Consider talking with an expert in the community (college or otherwise) to gather testimonials and case studies. Consider using visual aids, video clips, music, dramatic representations, and handouts for added interest. Other areas to consider: Hierarchy within the sub-culture, attire, view on food/drugs/alcohol, marriage/divorce/dating, sex, music, education, body art/piercings, technology/social media, gender roles, greetings, death/birth, worship, transitional ages.

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