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Directions: Project #4 will consist of three sections: Early Intervention-College, Early Intervention-Elementary, Treatment. Each section will require the student to explore the topic beyond chapter parameters.

Section #1 – Misuse of stimulants

For section #1, pretend that you are a drug abuse prevention specialist for the University of North Florida. You have been asked to prepare a creative one-page flyer for students in the dorms on non-medical prescription drug use. Please read the following article, Misuse and abuse of ADHD medication, and use the contents of the article to create your flyer. Your flyer will need to include:

1) some of the major symptoms of stimulant substance abuse as discussed in the article

2) physical consequences of stimulant abuse mentioned in the article and more severe consequences such as death

3) a statement indicating availability of time management and test anxiety courses offered by UNF Academic Center for Excellence (include contact info)

4) UNF Counseling Center contact info (emphasize that it is free, confidential, and never listed on their academic records)

5) a statement that friends with valid stimulant prescriptions should never give medication to anyone else at any time, especially for studying purposes.

Be sure to make the flyer eye-catching, professional, and use graphics to convey your point.

Quick Tips: You can submit multiple files for Module #4, but make sure to attach them as only one submission. In other words, there should be one attempt with all files attached. Email me if you have any questions.

Section #2 – Early intervention

For section #2, pretend that you are a drug abuse prevention specialist for a local elementary school. The principal has asked you to prepare a creative one-page flyer for teachers on how to identify at-risk students. Your flyer will need to cover the points listed below based on your book. Feel free to add additional information, as you deem appropriate.

  • List of signs that may indicate drug abuse or related problems
  • Tips on how to address a student that may have a potential problem (confidentiality, etc…)
  • What steps should be followed when a substance abuse or violence issue is suspected (find this information in your textbook)
  • Provide your name, credential and contact information if teachers should have further questions or need to talk to someone

Be sure to make the flyer eye-catching, professional, and use graphics to convey your point.

Section #3 – Treatment & Evaluation

For section #3 you are going to conduct a local resource inventory for substance abuse treatment, and provide an example of violence prevention questions to be used for a program evaluation survey.

Doing research on your own through the internet, local phone book and other appropriate resources, find a treatment center or service for each of the conditions listed below. One separate resource for each, please.

In your answer response, list the organization/provider’s name, contact information (phone, address, email) and describe in detail what services they provide. All resources identified need to be Duval County based.

  • Find a local resource for treating a tobacco addiction
  • Find a local resource for treating alcoholism
  • Find a local resource for treating narcotic addiction

Please go to the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) website at

If you were to evaluate a high school violence prevention program, it would be beneficial to have your pre-test and post-test questions mirror the questions of a national survey such as YRBSS, so that your results can be compared to national, local, or regional norms. Please create a 5-question survey using only the exact questions from the YRBS that measure high school violence. You’ll need to click on the Questionnaires tab under YRBSS. Under 2017 Questionnaires, click on the Word version of the standard high school survey and find only the five questions that would measure high school violence. Please do not reword questions, and make sure to include any definitions of terms listed in the questions in the YRBSS (i.e., bullying).

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