Summarizing court cases


      • Toward the end of the PowerPoint lecture, find the slide where various court cases of interest are listed. Choose two of those listed and summarize those two. Listed here:
    • New Jersey v TLO
    • Civil Rights Act of 1964
    • Tinker v Des Moines
    • Bethel School v Fraser
    • Hazelwood School v Kuhlmeier
    • Board v Barnette
    • Keyishian v Board of Regents

    • Requirements: Your paper will consist of the following instructions:
      • Page 1 – create a title page
      • Pages 2 and 3 – summarize the first court case you selected
      • Pages 4 and 5 – summarize the second court case you chose
      • Page 6 – state how important the two cases are for the classroom teacher (conclusion)
      • Page 7 – provide a References page where you will cite your paper’s two court cases, following correct APA format for court case citation.
      • Your paper should also incorporate at least one additional resource (a website or article, etc.). You will have at least three references on your References page. Remember to parenthetically/internally cite your sources in your paper in following APA graduate writing expectations.

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