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Read the attached article about Target’s failed entry into Canada. After reading the article, I’d like you to reflect upon the story by answering the below five questions. Similar to the subject matter in the class, there are not necessarily right or wrong opinions. I’m looking for how you use the content from the class to think through the situation. From a grading standpoint, I will be looking to see if each of your answers includes a stated opinion, supported arguments from the course content, and a recommendation on what you would have done different. This article is a great example of something seemingly unrelated to the Cedar Valley…Target going to Canada…that ultimately impacted jobs in Cedar Falls, IA. The Target Distribution Center in Cedar Falls had to cut multiple salary positions as the company looked to save money. Organizational missteps are far-reaching and often impact people in unexpected ways. As future leaders and managers, it will be very important for you to utilize the content in this class to avoid missteps listed in the article.

Please answer the following five questions:

  1. If you were put in charge of the Target Canada project, how would you have approached the planning stage?
  2. From an organizational structure standpoint, what could Target have done differently to avoid the problems in Canada?
  3. What controls could have been put in place to help the leadership team respond to problems sooner?
  4. What growth strategy did Target try to use here? Assuming Target wants to continue to grow as a business, what strategy would you use?
  5. In your opinion, what was Target’s biggest mistake when entering Canada?

For questions 1 through 4, answer the following questions:

  1. Did you tie class concepts to issues from the article?
  2. Did you understand those class concepts?
  3. Was your opinion supported with sound arguments?

For question 5, answer/state the following:

  1. Explain what you felt was Target’s biggest mistake?
  2. Offer an alternate scenario and defend it?

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