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Technical writing research proposal for purchasing request


The company you work for has decided to make a major purchase. This purchase can be software, technology, equipment, training, or anything else needed for the company’s day-to-day operations.

Your supervisor has assigned you the task of creating a research proposal for the company to help guide them in this purchase.

Create the introduction, body, and closing for your research proposal that you began in Unit VI. Include research from the sources you located in the last unit to help you build an effective proposal. Organize the body of your proposal clearly so that readers can locate the essential information easily, including at least one visual. Use the sample proposal that begins on page 309 in your textbook as a guide for this assignment. EH 3341, Technical Writing 5

Research proposal should be a minimum of eight pages, including the work that you submitted in the previous unit.

1 Visual

4 Sources

8 Pages

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