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Temple University Modern Environmental Issues Discussion


The name of the book used in this course is “The Environment and You”. The goal of this paper is for each student to consider their major, background, history, geographical locations, experience, future job expectation and write a paper (3-5 pages, double spaced or total of 1500-2500 words) on how the topics of this course and the environment relates to them.

Make sure to follow the rubrics provided for grading. Consider you are writing a scientific paper, include an abstract, introduction, results and findings, discussion and summary and references. Follow a citing style.


1. I do not have the book, but you can search the book summery to have an idea what it is about. Also, see the attached PowerPoint slides that covers the book topics.

2. Major: Human recourses management

background: Female international student from the Middle east

geographical locations: Philadelphia, PA, USA

future job expectation : Human recourses manager, CEO of my own business


Course Description

In today’s world characterized by rapid and global environmental changes, it is crucial that citizens understand the key concepts in environmental science. This course provides students with an introduction to the science behind critical environmental debates and breaks down the requirements for creating and maintaining sustainable ecosystems. A major focus of the course is to develop critical thinking skills and apply them to assess relevant questions such as: How do we predict trends in the growth of populations or climate change? How do human activities impact the nitrogen and phosphorus cycles and how does this, in turn, affect the environment? How can we quantify and value biodiversity? Should we eat lower on the food chain or are genetically modified crops a sustainable solution? What were the key outcomes of the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris and how will various countries carry out their commitments to protect the environment? This course will enhance awareness of the impacts that our everyday decisions have on the environment and will provide students with strategies to become better environmental stewards.

In this course, you will learn the basic principles of environmental science with the ultimate goal of obtaining the tools to be a good environmental citizen. You will become knowledgeable in environmental science, be equipped to critically judge scientific information, and be able to make informed decisions about your life and your community.

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