Term Paper


Students will be required to write a minimum five page, APA formatted term paper on one of the topics shown below: Teratogens, Attachment Theory, Aging. The paper must include an APA formatted reference page.


Create a page and a half on Teratogens: Choose a minimum of 4 Teratogens for each of the four classes of teratogens shown below:

  • Physical agents like radiation or hyperthermia
  • Metabolic conditions
  • Infection
  • Drugs and chemicals

Include the following information about each teratogen:

  • Explain or define each of the teratogens.
  • Describe how each teratogen could impact the developing embryo or fetus problems.
  • Describe how the possible cognitive impairments, physical impairments or deformities, and social/behavior problems could affect the child from infancy through childhood and/or adolescence and adulthood.


Create a Page and a half on Attachment Theory: Include the following information in your paper:

  • What is Attachment theory?
  • Explain the four patterns of attachment.
  • How does synchronicity affect parent-infant relations?
  • What are two long-term consequences of attachment quality shown during adolescence and adulthood?
  • Explain how living in poverty may affect attachment.


Create a Page and a half on Aging in Middle Adulthood or Late Adulthood: Include the following information in your paper:

  • Describe at least four possibles changes each in health (4 changes), cognitive functions (4 changes), sensory functions (4 changes), and memory (4 changes) of adults in late adulthood (choose either middle adulthood or late adulthood ages 65 and above).
  • Describe at least four factors that influence healthy aging.
  • Describe at least two developmental theories explaining the biological aging process.

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