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Term paper for Energy management class


Must be a preliminary audit of an actual building

Must be typed, double-spaced, legible, and lucid.
All sources must be appropriately acknowledged.
Length may not exceed 15 pages, including references.

Follow This Rough Outline:

1. Select a building for which you have a full year of utility

2. Describe the purpose and usage patterns of the building.

3. Explain how the building is heated, illuminated, and

4. Provide a floorplan which shows the locations of all
appliances and equipment. Give nameplate information.

5. Examine the building envelope and identify all heat gains
and losses.

6. Illustrate seasonal changes in energy costs using graphs
or diagrams.

7. Make specific recommendations on how to make the
building more energy efficient.

I will upload an sample research which shows how the work should be done

let please know what you will choose

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