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  • The company chosen by our group is WorldCom. Bold and enlarged fonts are my par

The company chosen by our group is WorldCom. Bold and enlarged fonts are my par



The company chosen by our group is WorldCom.Bold and enlarged fonts are my part. You just need to finish this.Team Project Written ReportThe written report should contain thoroughresearch of the chosen accounting fraud case, and use the following format:· A title page· Table of Contents (1 page)· Executive summary (1 page)· Main body of the paper (15-20 pages)a. Background the company and its businessand trajectoryb. Circumstances of the company before thefraud occurredc. Thorough research on the fraud, coveringthe followingi.Nature and scope of the fraudii.Anatomy of the fraud: Which accounts were manipulated and how; Why did thepractices violate accounting rulesiii.Behind the fraud: What are the management incentives, corporate governance& internal control weakness, red flags from the financial reports, etc.iv.Uncovering of the Fraud: Tipping, investigation and the process of evidencecollecting; Persons/institutions alleged, auditor, prosecutor involved andtheir roles and perspectivesv.Consequences of the fraud, including shareholders’ losses, short-term and long[1]termmarket impact on the company and industry, criminal and civil penalties on thealleged partiesd. Reflections of the fraud: evaluate thepractice in the context of Christian faith, e.g., why is fraud conducted andrationalized, what does Bible say about this kind of practice, what can help uscounteract the incentives and/or pressure to manipulate accounting reports,etc.· Tables and graphs, if any· ReferencesUse APA style with footnote. See “CitationGuideline”. Single space, paper size 8.5″ x 11″, Times New Roman, 12font, 1″ margins on all sides. Failure to meet the above requirements willresult in a minimum of 10% points deducted.Your report will be graded based on thefollowing: 1) The scope and depth of your analyses and comments (25%) 2) Clearwriting of research report (20%) 3) Informative content (20%) 4) Well-organizedstructure (20%) 5) Originality (15%)Each team member is required to contributeto the written report. Each group must write on the report cover page thepercentage contribution of each member. All group members will in generalreceive the same grade for the report. In the case of significant discrepanciesin group member’s contribution, the instructor will assign a 5-20% lower gradefor the member that contributes less to the report.

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