The Contagion Effect of Fake News in Politics Proposal

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Definition of the Assignment

This assignment requires you to articulate a topic that you plan to research throughout this semester.  This topic will carry you through all three major papers, as well as the two formal presentations. Our theme for the semester is “Fake News”; therefore, you must choose a narrowed topic under the umbrella of that broader topic.

Requirements of the Assignment

Students will write a memo to the instructor including the following points:

  • The specific narrowed Fake News topic that you propose to research
  • A definition/explanation of that topic in paragraph form
  • A brief description of the process by which you found and settled on the topic
  • A rationale of why you are interested in the topic, or why you selected it
  • Possible controversies or arguments within this topic on which you may be able to focus as you write the final paper—the argumentative paper

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The Contagion Effect of Fake News in Politics Proposal

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