The Death Penalty


View one or more of the following documentaries on YouTube about prison and the death penalty.

Life on Death Row National Geographic Prison Documentary 2017 (42:57)

Inside Death Row with Trevor McDonald 1 of 2 (47:25) (Links to an external site.)

Inside Death Row with Trevor McDonald 2 of 2 (45:08)

Children in Prison for Life Sentence Full Documentary Kids Behind Bars (1:26:55)

Please address the following questions:

  • What are the basic issues and main themes addressed in the videos?
  • Were the issues addressed from a biased or unbiased perspective? Were the presenters operating with an underlying agenda?
  • Was there agreement or disagreement among presenters regarding the main issues addressed?
  • What were the major moral/ethical issues related to these topics?
  • How does the concept of ethical relativism relate to this topic?

Post your initial response by the third day of the module week. Return to this discussion activity throughout the week and reply with meaningful comments to a minimum of two of your peers.

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