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The Design Report (approx. 1,500-words) should contain the sections outlined bel



The Design Report (approx. 1,500-words) should contain the sections outlined below. A brief description ofwhat is required for each of these is provided. Please use the section titles (in bold below) in yoursubmission.l Assessment 3: Design Report: [Note: this is the cover page] Include student name, student ID, tutorname, unit name, year and semester, tutorial day and time, screenshot of approved extension (ifapplicable)Executive Summary (max. 1 page, max. 1 figure/image): Provide the reader with a completesummary and overview of the key information in the report. You should write this based on theassumption that (a) the reader knows nothing about the report topic/project; and (b) the reader maynot read any part of the report itself. The first sentence of the report must state exactly what thereport is about and contain the most essential information. The rest of the report should meet theexpectations outlined in the executive summary. (This may seem like you are repeating yourself butyou need to since you cannot be sure that the reader will read the entire report and not just theexecutive summary, or vice versa.)Table of Contents: Include a table of contents that contains all the sections (numbered and namedas indicated below in bold), and the corresponding page numbers for each section.1. Background (approx. 300 words): [10 marks] Include an introductory statement explaining theobjective/purpose of this report (e.g. This report looks at how “theory x” has been used in thedesign of “object y”). Next, write a short description and background of the designed object toprovide context (include pertinent information such as designer, materials, intended function, etc.).You must also include an image of the designed object with an appropriate caption (this can be thesame image you used in your oral presentation). You must reference the image both in-text (afterthe caption, below the image) and put the full reference in the reference list.2. Summary of Theory/Theories (approx. 300 words): [10 marks] Introduce the theory/theoriesthat are relevant to the designed object and write a summary of the key aspects of each theory. Ifyou are discussing more than one theory, you should use subheadings to differentiate between eachtheory (2.1 Name of Theory #1; 2.2 Name of Theory #2). Remember that you are writing a report, sothis means you should simply describe or state what each theory is about, rather than arguefor/against a point of view. You may use the same quotes as in Assessment 1, but this should bedone sparingly, if at all. You should not copy and paste any text other than quotes from Assessment1, as the writing style expected here is completely different from an essay. If you use quotes, theseshould be properly referenced in-text and in the reference list.3. Application of Theory/Theories (approx. 450 words): [15 marks] This section is similar to adesign rationale. Identify the key feature(s) of the designed object that was/were the result ofapplying the selected theory/theories, and explain how each feature resulted from each theory (orconversely, you could explain how each theory led to the resultant key features) [10 marks]. Youshould also explain how the application of this theory has made the designed object a good/betterdesign [5 marks]. You may find it useful to repeat the image of the designed object here, andannotate it to support your written explanation. If you include the image here, you must reference itin-text (after the caption, below the image), you don’t need to reference it again in the reference listas it should already be there from when you did the Background section. Make sure that anytext/content about the theory/theories in this section is properly attributed via an in-text reference.4. Conclusion (approx. 450 words): For the purpose of this assessment, the conclusion will consistprimarily of a reflection on what you have learned from the first three sections of the report. Reflecton how these have impacted on your understanding of the theory/theories, the application ofthis/these in practice, and your design discipline. Then, write in your own words (1) what you havelearned from doing this report and your reflection [10 marks]; and (2) express your opinions abouthow this will change the way you work and think about your discipline [5 marks].l5. References [10 marks]: In the reference list, you should list the full references of all the academicsources you have cited, in alphabetical order, with a hanging indent.My theory is Minimalism in Design.

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