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The Devil’s Backbone Film Analysis , Watch movie and write easy


Course Description – Philosophy 1

To know thyself is to love thyself, and to love thyself is to love thy neighbor. This course will examine what it means to love and know thyself through the lens of Western philosophy. We shall consider Western philosophy as the foundation of our current moment with all of its challenges and joys. Each week students will read selections from the history of Western philosophy and apply the philosophical ideas to a contemporary film to self reflect, to analyze self and world with philosophical concepts. We will ask questions such as how did we get here and how can we become better as individuals and humanity as a whole. This course requires students to think independently as well as understand the readings, and to develop critical analysis skills to respectfully engage in online discussions about high-stakes issues.

Film Analysis Prompt

Your analysis for the film, The Devil’s Backbone, should be analyzed with the ideas we discussed after the film and Descartes and Conway.

Instructions – Please read carefully After watching the required film, students will write a 2 page analysis paper using the philosophy covered in the course. You are free to discuss the film as you wish, just be sure to focus on the philosophical content of the film to analyze the film. Also, use quotes from the readings to defend your analysis, your thoughts about the film. Please DO NOT hand in a plot synapses, a summary of the film, or a list of things you enjoyed about the film, but rather analyze the film for its philosophical, ethical, moral, political, etc content. Be sure to think for yourself. Please do not rely on the commentary of others for composing your paper. Your ideas matter!! The goal is to bring together the course readings and the film to defend your opinion about the philosophical content of the film. Summaries and film synopsis will result in ZERO points !

General Criteria

• 2 pages

• Double Spaced • 1” Margins

• Avenir or New Times Roman

• Cite ALL resources. You do NOT need to use any particular style (e.g., APA or MLA). Pick one style and be consistent. For example, after a quote, (Rousseau, p. 572). Also, please include a Bibliography

• You may use first person “I”

film need to watch

Film Philosophical Analysis

The Devil’s Backbone Early Modern – Descartes and Conway
Directed. By Guillermo del Toro

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