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The goal for this assignment for you to present a review of the literature in a



The goal for this assignment for you to present a review of the literature in a chosen areaof psychology. This course teaches students how to think about psychology and understand thescience of psychology. This assignment is your opportunity to practice your skills ofsynthesizing the research of others in the field.AssignmentYou will write a 1000-word paper that reviews the literature in a chosen area. Thespecific topic will be yours to choose. The second paper you write in this class will be a researchproposal based upon this literature review. Therefore, the literature review must cover thetheory, hypotheses, and methodology of previous research with the purpose of informing a futurestudy. Given that research and science is never complete, a review of the literature shouldprovide interesting research questions.Your paper should include the following sections: a title page, the literature review, and areference page. An abstract is NOT needed.Title Page: The title page includes the title of the paper (bold), the names of the authors(only you!), and the due date. Thetitle page does not count towards the word limit.Literature Review: The literature review should be composed of summaries of each ofyour references. However, it should not just be 6 separate summaries. Your paper should makeconnections between all of the summaries. Discuss the connections between articles, includingwhat they cover and what they do not cover. Your literature review will be used to justify yourresearch question, theory, and hypotheses that you have for the research proposal. Thus, youshould write your literature review in such a way that makes it clear why you are going to doyour study.Reference Page: The reference page includes a list of all sources cited in your paper.Each source should be listed in APA style. Your paper must cite at least 6 empirical journalarticles. The reference page does not count towards the word limit.SpecificsAPA Formatting: Papers must adhere to APA formatting. This includes correctgrammar, citations, inclusion of a title page, and reference page. The title page and referencepages do not count towards the 1000-word limit.References: Papers must reference at least 6 empirical journal articles. You can includemore and use non-empirical articles if you would like, but they must be in addition to the 6empirical articles.

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