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The Nursing Experience Has Inspired People Discussion.


The Nursing Experience Has Inspired People Discussion.

The Nursing Experience Has Inspired People Discussion.

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days, by offering a possible resolution to their question/concern with supporting documentation, if possible, or expanding on their thinking and providing an example as support.


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5 hours ago Joseph Lombardi RE: Discussion – Week 1 Hello, my name is Joe Lombardi and I am a board certified, mental health nurse. Mental health nursing has always been my passion and I look forward to advancing to a nurse practitioner. My Goals and University Vision and Mission Mental Health nursing has become my passion. I started my career as a mental health technician, with a degree in Psychology. I originally thought, “I’ll become a Clinical Psychologist.” After being exposed to quality nurses, I was inspired to become a registered nurse. Since then, I have 10 years of experience as a psychiatric nurse. Immersed in the field, I have observed an increasing demand for psychiatric nurse practitioners. As I transitioned from inpatient floor nursing to outpatient mental health nursing, I have become very interested in becoming a nurse practitioner. My professional goal is to work remotely as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I weighed my options as to which school that I would like to attend and did my own research and various online programs and schools. After completing my own research on a few programs and schools, I decided to apply to Walden University. My initial reason for choosing Walden was due to the high level of flexibility in their online program. As I have gone from applying to being accepted and now start my coursework I have realized that Walden’s college of nursing vision and mission really speak to me on a personal level. I realize that in order to make the transition from a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner will require a change in the way I think and practice. The following statement from Walden University really resonated with me: “Indeed, the core of our mission is to help our students transform themselves into scholar-practitioners who can effect positive social change.”(Walden University, 2020). I plan to continue my current job as an outpatient mental health nurse, and continue to network in order to find a position that resonates with me. According to Wafford (2018), “Whether the need to network is for mentorship or to land a dream job, it is crucial that one builds a secure network of professionals.” I intend to network with the various disciplines that I work with in my current job, as well as network with my colleagues in class, as “most jobs come from networking” (Schmidt). Incorporation of Social Change Something that is very important to me as a nurse is supporting social change and helping to de-stigmatize mental health and wellness. Walden University (2020) embraces the idea of social change through the “development of principled, knowledgeable, and ethical scholar-practitioners, who are and will become civic and professional role models by advancing the betterment of society.” The Nursing Experience Has Inspired People Discussion.


References Walden University. (n.d.). Vision, mission and goals. Retrieved from https://catalog.waldenu.edu/content.php?catoid=179&navoid=65155 Schmidt, K. (n.d.). 5 Reasons nurses should engage in professional networking. Retrieved from https://blog.bluepipes.com/5-reasons-nurses-should-take-professional-networking-seriously/ Wofford, P. (2018). 10 Networking tips for nurses who hate networking. Retrieved from https://nurse.org/articles/tips-for-nurse-networking/ REPLY QUOTE EMAIL AUTHOR Hide 3 replies OO Lillian Smith 21 hours ago RE: Discussion – Week 2 Main Post Week 2 Discussion Main post As a college student somewhat familiar with online learning, I find that time management is a problem. Just to find time to think, and begin to write about the discussion, assignments, work, family, and taking time out to relax my mind from excess critical thinking. All these issues are important to me as I complete and retain the information learned from my courses. According to Macan (1990), is to identify needs and wants” decide on their priority and make time for them. Another issue I have is making a presence in an online class. I am a person that is very attentive, observant, but quiet while I am learning or listening to others’ instructions. I have the desire to read everyone’s postings; however, I have found that long and non-productive. I am not able to just read I must push myself to find one that calls to me from the beginning of reading and then, reply back. I have trouble with deadlines for this very reason as well as the before-mentioned time constraints. On Online Colleges (2014), I read that I must get into “a comfort level of sharing information” about myself to allow “my classmates and instructors to know me.” A further concern of mine is being sure of myself as an effective and efficient nurse practitioner. Walden (n.d.) has goals that “provide outcomes of quality, integrity, education that fosters research, discovery, and critical thinking the produces graduates that are scholarly, reflective practitioners, and agents of positive social change.” Therefore, I am nervous yet willing to give this program everything I have to become that graduate for positive change for the community. Reference Online Colleges. (2011, July 14). https://www.onlinecollege.org/2011/07/14/10-traits-of-a-successful-on-line-learner Macan, T. H., Shahani, C., Dipboye, R. L., & Phillips, A. P. (1990). College Students’ Time Management: Correlations With Academic Performance and Stress. The Nursing Experience Has Inspired People Discussion.

Journal of Educational Psychology, 82(4), 760–768. https://doi-org.ezp.waldenulibrary.org/10.1037/0022-0663.82.4.760 Walden University. (2011b). Vision, mission, and goals. Retrieved from https://catalog.waldenu.edu/content.php?catoid=153&navoid=49950 Hide 1 reply JOO 17 minutes ago Jina Karagiannis RE: Discussion – Week 2 Main Post 3 hours ago Jon Jordan Suttle RE: Discussion – Week 1 Main Post Walden University My name is Jordan Suttle and after two years of nursing experience working bedside, critical care, I’ve been inspired to further my career path and advance my degree. Walden University is all for positive social change resulting in improvement of human and social conditions (Program: Master of Science in Nursing (Msn) – Walden University – Acalog Acms T, 2020). This really speaks to me because that is one of the main reasons I became a nurse. Change is inevitable, so lets make it a positive one! A personal goal I have made for myself is to become a person someone idolizes and trusts. As a scholar-practitioner I would have the opportunity to be that, and I will use the skills and knowledge I gain at Walden to create that foundation for myself. Walden University has a vision for their school and a mission they stand by, that I chose to be a part of, because I want to be the best me I can be. A networking opportunity that I am excited about is the Walden University MSN Facebook group. This allows me to communicate and collaborate with professional individuals who are on the same career path as me. “The key to networking is building genuine relationships. Introduce yourself and your specialty; comment on posts; share relevant articles or resources to the group; most of all be active” (10 Networking Tips for Nurses Who Hate Networking, 2018, Facebook groups section). This community will help me achieve my goals, stay on task, and excel in my program. Walden’s Goals and University Outcomes “To provide multi contextual educational opportunities for career learners” (Vision, Mission, and Goals – Walden University – Acalog Acms TM, n.d., Goals section). This goal Walden University requires for their students to succeed is exactly what I want and need as an adult who has been out of school for 2 years now. I’m a busy person, and the understanding that Walden has that students have many facets that overlap with all activities of life and being able to complete school work and study completely on our own time is a plus in my book. Walden’s MSN Program Outcomes and Perspectives To be honest, I was nervous and unsure to continue my education especially online and all alone. I’ve always loved school and have been able to adapt and successfully succeed with my education. After, reviewing the MSN programs outcomes they have for their students, it uplifted my spirits and encouraged me to proceed with my education. The guaranteed outcome to critique my evidence base literature to advance my practices and learn how to assess, diagnos my patients to improve their point of care is most desirable (Program: Master of Science in Nursing (Msn) – Walden University – Acalog Acms TM References Draaram. Mactor facience in nurcinement waldonunivercitu colocameTM 12000 DodMoni7 1

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