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The objective of the final project is to provide you with an opportunity to appl



The objective of the final project is to provide you with an opportunity to apply course concepts to a specific product. This assignment will also develop time management and written communication skills. This exercise will simulate how marketing professionals use insights and strong business acumen to diagnose and solve market challenges.For this class, you will select a consumer issue or problem, conduct research to understand that problem, develop recommendations, and write a report.You should choose to investigate a problem related to consumer behavior (i.e., it should be about consumer product acquisition, consumption, disposal (or a combination) of a product or service. It can also tackle issues related to reducing consumption such as Amazon’s recent efforts to reduce consumption with packaging materials used in deliveries, or efforts to reduce negative behavior such as incurring high debt due to overspending and/or abuse of credit cards.When selecting a topic, consider your knowledge as well as access to consumers and secondary research about the topic and company.To better understand the situation, you will be expected to obtain secondary information first. Once you have completed secondary research, you will conduct primary research. Primary research will entail activities such as conducting interviews with one or more segments of relevant, but reasonably accessible consumers, conducting 1-1 interviews, focus groups, administering surveys and polls, or developing experiments.The final report paper should be 10-12 pages, and cover the following content:Cover Page (Title of the Project, Student Name, Date)Problem DescriptionResearch Methodology (Types of research conducted, hypotheses to prove, description of research participants)Research ResultsApplication of Research Results (Consider how the company should apply the research results – the “so what”. Consider how concepts learned in this course could be applied to provide actionable advice to marketers at the company.)Format Requirements:10-12 pages double-spaced (sections 7-9 not included in the length requirement)Bibliography required (MLA and APA formats accepted)PDF fileExample Research Topicshttps://www.crresearch.com/casestudy_consumer-generated_ideation_fresh_grocery_channelBusiness to Business (B2B): https://www.crresearch.com/B2B_Research_Physicians_Roles_in_Patients_Pharmacy_Selectionhttps://www.crresearch.com/Transforming_Utilities_Company_from_Service_Provider_to_Trusted_Partnerhttps://www.crresearch.com/casestudy/building_gym_membership-packagehttps://www.crresearch.com/case_study/vodka_category_segmentation_drive_communication_momentum

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