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The Second Coming Poem by Yeats Analysis Essay



You will work individually, choosing a poem from the PDF file of poems posted on Google Classroom 

1. Select the poems. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43290/the-s…

2. Assemble a presentation, 12-15 minutes in length, in which you provide: 

a. A short biography of the poet you are presenting, exploring the poet’s life, work, style, school/movement, 

and philosophy as it pertains to the poem you are presenting. 

b. A performance of the poem—not a “reading”— consider if you were the poet being asked to “perform” 

your poem for an audience: How would you “perform” your poem? 

c. An explanation of how the poem you have read creates meaning and moves the reader or audience. 

Explain, in particular, how this poet uses language, poetic and literary devices, syntax, structure etc. 

to convey a message to or create a particular effect on the audience. What mechanisms do they use 

and how do these function in the poem? 

d. For a portion of your seminar, analyse the poem by applying at least one of the literary theories we 

have studied this term. 

Remember: Do not just identify these techniques and literary devices, but more 

importantly, EXPLAIN how they achieve their particular effect and why your poet chose 

these particular techniques or devices for the poem you are presenting. 

3. Answer the questions: What do I find poetically interesting about this poem? 

What creates this interest? 

How are these effects achieved? 

Which literary theory can the poem be best analysed with? 

How can I connect personally to at least one of the big ideas in the poem? 

4. Create three questions for your audience about key ideas raised in your poem/presentation. 

5. Create a handout outlining your presentation and include important elements of your analysis for your 

classmates to follow, particularly the literary theory analysis. Incorporate visuals and the key ideas of 

your poem in your handout. Please post a copy of your handout to Turnitin prior to your presentation. And a Speech scriptis possible.

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