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there are 2 assignments need to work


2. Field Notes (due to Instructor by December 8th – worth 30% of your final grade)

You will keep an up-to-date field notebook. It is here that you should record your day’s activities (paying close attention to dates, times, and locations) and include sketches, maps, and references to photographs. Be sure to consult your readings, your GEOG 2P10 (or equivalent) notes and any other material that might help you keep effective field notes BEFORE WE DEPART. In short, you should be producing a document that outlines what you have done throughout each day and what you have observed. It is never a bad idea to stop periodically in order to summarize or organize your work. You should also use your field book as a field diary. This allows you to record your insights, thoughts, and interpretations, and to incorporate these into your day’s work. Remember: that great idea you had – if you do not record it – you’ll forget it. Your field book is particularly important as it will comprise the data you need for your final paper. Failure to submit your field book at this time will result in a grade of zero being awarded for this piece of work.

three are 9 week class and every week need field notebook and record the day’s activities.

every week have assignments and it is the file“essay 123”

3. Essay (due to instructor by December 8th – worth 40% of your final grade)

Students will be expected to write a paper of about twelve pages in which they review the literature on the role experiential learning in Geography. This paper must highlight arguments, theoretical assumptions, supporting evidence, and conclusions. Students are expected to consult at least ten sources on experiential learning. In addition, students must use their field notes to provide concrete examples of how their experiences in Vancouver contributed to their understanding of particular geographic problems. Thus, for example, students may use their experiences or observations of subsidized housing to contribute to their understanding of gentrification and race issues in Vancouver. Or, as another example, they may discuss how their experiences or observations of CRAB park help them to engage their understanding of public space. Failure to submit your field book at this time will result in a grade of zero being awarded for this piece of work.

read the outline.

Please finish it on time

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