There are four questions.


You MUST use outside sources and cite them using the MLA style of source citation.

Here us a good LinkLinks to an external site. to help you create your MLA citations.

Be creative and answer questions fully. Suggested length is approximately 400 words per answer. You will not be docked you for going over that limit, but if they are short and incomplete, your point total will suffer.

  • This exam requires research and you must provide several quotations per answer from your reading, the texts, and outside sources. Cite your sources for every question.
  • Do NOT use WIKIPEDIA OR SHMOOP! Search for primary source material and scholars.

here are the four questions;

1. Using the insert entitled “Reading Plays Like an Actor” in your textbook on pages 61 and 62, choose any actor from either All My Sons or Things I Know to be True and analyze the play through that actor’s eyes. Include research on the character’s Name, Past, Language, Stage Directions, References, and Objective. Write at least a paragraph on each of the six items.

Helpful hints for approaching this essay question:

  1. Re-read the insert carefully for a full explanation of each item and how to dig in on your chosen actor.
  2. Watch the play again in Digital Theatre Plus, focusing on your actor and the character.
  3. Live with the character in you before you start writing.
  4. Divide and conquer! Write one paragraph at a time.
  5. Step away and think about each question. Let your ideas occur to you over time.

2. From Chapter 4 of your text, “The set designer employs, in many ways, the same tools as any other visual artist: line, mass, color, texture, space, and composition.” Define these terms using your text. Then use All My Sons and/or Things I Know To Be True, to illustrate these definitions.

3. Using Chapter 3, define the three main approaches a director might take in developing a production concept or artistic vision. Then take either of the plays you watched on Digital Theatre Plus , All My Sons or Things I Know To Be True, and explain where you think the director is on the continuum. Use the final outcome of the play to make your judgement, so there are no right or wrong answers as long as you back up your judgment.

There are many resources and interviews on each play in Digital Theatre Plus which will help your research. Be sure to use people’s names if you are quoting them.

4. Using Chapter 1 of your textbook and two additional sources (not Wikipedia), discuss is the history and meaning of the term “liberal arts.” Use the MLA format to cite your sources.

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