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these 14 questions need to be answered


1. Without looking at the book, write your own definition of the word language.

2. Which language family is the largest and most wide spread?

3. Which language has the most native speakers? See 9m+ handout

4. Name four prominent Romance Languages.

5. Which subfamily is English located in?

What are four other languages in the same subfamily as English?

6. What other language subfamily is also found on the British Isles? (See Language outline)

7. What subfamily is found in much of Eastern Europe including Russia?

Name four languages in that subfamily.

8. Name two countries in Europe that do not speak an Indo-European Language (note that
except for a small area, Turkey is not in Europe neither is Armenia on today.

9. Which Semitic language has the most speakers?

What do you think helped spread this root language across North Africa?

10. Which are the two major Romance languages present in South America?

11. The boundary between the Iranic Subfamily (Indo-European Family) and the Semitic
Subfamily (Afro-Asiatic Family) divides which Middle Eastern country?

12. The boundary between the Iranic Subfamily (Indo-European Family) and the Indic

Subfamily (Indo-European Family) divides which South Asian country?

13. What Indo-European language is present in South Africa, which evolved from Dutch?

14. The characters used to write Japanese and Korean were earlier borrowed from what
neighboring country? What language family dominates in that country?

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