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Third culture Kids & Identity Development (It is literature mapping kindly bid if you know mapping)


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My topic is “Exploring Saudi Third culture kids’ Identity Development in Australia: A Narrative


The main question in my research is How does living and studying in Australia influence Saudi TCKs’

social-cultural identity development?

My supervisor asked me to outline or a mapping of all of the content that I have found in the literature of

socio cultural identity development and Third Culture Kids.

So I am just wondering if you can help me with this one.

But this is not assignment. it is a research proposal.

That is what they want from me by this Monday

Notes from last meeting:

Alright, so but you might find but honestly, you might find you have the third culture kid

map and then you might have an identity map. I might separate them and just really

conceptualize identity as its own and third culture kids as it sounds, there will be lines

that cross. But because you need to go into such depth on each of them, I would do two


look at the age as well, because the identity wouldn’t be.

That’s right. We’re not talking about the status of


hard to talk about it because we can’t see it. Yeah,

but I also don’t get too much in the psychology of identity get more into the socio cultural

of identity. So we remember when you originally started writing about like Piaget and

Skinner Yeah, that’s, that’s a different field. Yeah. Okay. So you need to look at socio

cultural identity development. Yeah. Okay, so just make sure so that’s why we’re

sending you to Hall and Baba and I’m looking at look at those scholars that are in that

wheelhouse. Hey, do they sign Yeah, do they sign in Yeah, yeah. So if you start getting

into journals that say psychology Yeah. Don’t look at those. Ah, because you have to

bound your study that is not part of your your paradigm that you’re working in. That’s a

different paradigm. You’re not doing a psychology study.

And then the mapping exercise. So that was

The homework is to create maybe two maps to construct this and then talk about what

those maps need to have right and respond to. And then you might keep a list of some

of the readings that you’re coming And then, like, for example, we have recommended

haul and Baba and Enki.

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