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This final exam/essay requires you to create a brief informative report. The rep



This final exam/essay requires you to create abrief informative report. The report itself doesnot need to be long and does not need thematerials of your longer report (500+ words willbe fine; use section headers and a cover page,but there is no need to add visuals, do a table ofcontents, memo of transmittal, appendix,executive summary or do excess researchbeyond the two articles below).The topic of the work here will be Pizza Hut. Thisis a company that has had a fair share ofproblems in the past few years, and they are awell-known brand that you should be familiarwith. To aid you and cut down on time, you canlook at the selected readings/research I havegiven you to aid in completing this short report.Use both of the articles as sources in some wayin this report.What I want you to do, using the two articles, isto create a document that has the following:REQUIRED ELEMENTS:Title page• Introduction with purpose statement (explainwhat you will look at here).Use the following items as subheadings toorganize the paper, and address each of themthoroughly:o Current State: Describe in detail natureof the problems facing Pizza Hut. Whatkind of problems are they having?OAttempts to Change: What is thecompany doing to help rebound?o Progress in Changing: How effective arethese changes?o Future Plans: What do they plan to dokeep moving in a positive direction?• Conclusion that ends memorably andreiterates main points• APA references citations should be used in thebody of the report, but no APA reference pagecitations are needed (so cite (author, date,p.#) as needed).RESEARCH: See the reading packet below thisassignment for the sources to use here.

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