This is not a book report. This should be a narrow and focused history with a l

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This is not a book report. This should be a narrow and focused history with a limited scope. Your task is to determine how and why the organization began, who the major players were in establishing the organization, and how or why the organization ended. You will need to consult academic sources that provide commentary and context for the movement and organization you choose.Issues you can explore through the movement include, but are not limited to, constitutional rights, racism, women’s rights, governmental response, grass-roots campaigning, etc. The idea is that you build an argument, through academic sources, regarding how the movement contributed to U.S. history.Instructions and GuidanceThis is a take-home assignment, so I am expecting a real essay, with an introduction, thesis statement, paragraphs, conclusion, sources, etc.Don’t assume that “an answer” will be easily found in one section of one book. This research paper requires careful reading, analytical thinking, and integration of textbooks, lectures, and supplemental materials.You must have at least THREE outside sources. Wikipedia, or any encyclopedia for that matter, does not count as a source. Books, academic journal articles, and the course textbook do count (but the textbook does not count as an “outside” source).You can access ebooks through the Mt. Sac library databases with your Mt. Sac Portal Log in. This is the best place to find sources. Do not rely on websites.Be concrete: evidence is always more convincing than the generalization of simple logic. In fact, it is the entire point of the assignment. It is your task to use evidence to generate an answer to a real historical question.Do not summarize the reading materials. Instead, describe or quote the evidence you need to answer the question, with proper citations so your reader can find your source. Do not waste time by repeating easy-to-find and irrelevant material.Citations and PlagiarismFailure to acknowledge the source of your ideas or information is unacceptable. Plagiarism will result in failing the assignment. Poor paraphrasing and poor citation will be penalized.These questions can be answered more than adequately with reference to assigned readings and lectures; however, you are required to do more research and include outside sources. Remember, you must be sure that your outside sources are relevant and of sufficient quality to enhance your argument.A Bibliography page is required. You must cite the source of information and ideas that are outside of “general knowledge,” including information from your course textbook.For citation and bibliography rules, all students are required to use the Chicago Manual of StyleActions.Technical DetailsThe paper must be 6 pages, not counting the cover page or bibliography.Your paper will have a bibliography.Your paper should be Times New Roman, twelve-point font, double-spaced, and have one-inch margins.Also, IMPORTANT!!!! Answer these three questions about the movement and the organization of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) thought the essay.What was the purpose of the Congress of Racial Equality?– What were the main goals of this organization at its beginning?– What important things did this organization accomplish and what is its legacy today?The course textbook is online free and here is the link:

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This is not a book report. This should be a narrow and focused history with a l

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